Now, after all that shit happened, there’s only wolves and people left, and the world got turned to stone, with no plants or water or any of that shit. Wolves and people alike are hungry, and they’re gonna be coming for that sweet people-meat off your bones. And you, friendo, have got a choice to make. Are you gonna stay holy and only eat wolf-meat? Or are you gonna eat people, your brethren and sistren, too? (Maybe it starts as an accident. Some whacked-out hillbilly comes screamin your way with a big ole rock, so you trip him, but oh no, his brains just happen to spill out all over some rocky WolfWorld crater and OH NO, you accidentally just happen to get a little bit of it in your mouth. A few days later you’re maybe out prowling, for wolves and their wolf-meat, no more of that people stuff, but you just happen to come across some juicy toddler toddling away from his hunter-gatherer relations…)

That’d make you no better than the wolves—if ‘better’ even existed in the first place.