Jen is president of Princeton Young Democrats and Woody Woo Major, ’18.  She interned for an assistant to the assistant of a staffer in Elizabeth Warren’s Massachusetts office, is “with her,” metaphorically and literally; she wears a locket with Hilary’s face in it at all times.  Jen hates the heteronormative culture that challenges Hillary’s path to the White House.  She believes the email scandal stems from the stereotype that women are intellectually inferior and cannot believe how bigoted pneumonia is for targeting only the female candidate. (For more of Jen’s views, please refer to her Facebook profile, which is a series of articles, videos, and photos of Hillary, most of which have the caption “yas kween!”). She wears pants suits to precept, is guaranteed to interrupt you if you begin to criticize Hillary, and will likely call you out for being sexist, racist, misogynistic, bigoted, and politically incorrect for any argument that counters hers.  She has read almost everyNew York Times article that is vaguely connected to politics, and she is not afraid to cite them in discussion.  She also knows a total of three statistics regarding women in the workforce, race, and police brutality that she will periodically recycle in conversation.

Eric, who is an undecided major in 2020 likes to piggy back off other views by repeating and rephrasing what those around him have said.  He relies heavily on the titles of New York Times headlines, and will often state the title as his opinion.  Since he has not actually read the article, don’t press him on his view because he will just find a way to rephrase the title.  More often than not he comes down on both sides of the issue.  He finds Hillary and Trump to both be disagreeable candidates, and in the end finds it really interesting to consider what they’re positions shows about modern day values in America, right? As an unregistered single issues voter, he will probably end up throwing his empty support behind Gary Johnson, because that guy likes weed, right?

Mike is the founder of Princeton Pro-life and an Econ major, ’19. He wants to make America great again and knows Donald Trump is the man for the job, since it is not a job for women anyway.  Though Mike respects women, he does not believe they are fit to hold the highest office in the country. After interning at a boutique bank in NYC this summer, Mike became, if it is even possible, more financially conservative.  He “hates talking politics,” but is also not afraid to yell his opinion over yours.  He gets his primary talking points from Fox News, and is not afraid to string together a series of meaningless media buzzwords in political debates, so as to assert his intellectual authority over your opinion.  Though Mike does not know the particulars of the Iran Deal, Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, or Hillary’s tax plan, he knows she is just going to bring in another 4 years of Obama.  He thinks it is despicable that Hilary is driving America towards socialism in order to win over Bernie Sander’s voters.  Mike’s vote of confidence for Trump is in the fact that he is a BUSSINESS MAN! He isn’t susceptible to the bullshit of Washington because he ran a ton of businesses and was smart enough to lose $1 billion so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes for a long time.

Liza, ’17, is a philosophy major who is writing her thesis on the philosophy of theory, thinks that we need to take a step back from discussions about the election to ask what the election process even means in terms of American political hegemony and the normative processes by which leaders become such. She thinks we should analyze the ways in which we facilitate political dialogue and how such dialogue is conducive to understanding broader social implications.  She often likes to pause and ask, “who has the right to participate in this dialogue, who decides that right? To push even further, what is a “right,” and how do we even begin to define ‘dialogue.’