You can read Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide note if you want but only on Genius Lyrics for some reason and only while 50jitsteppa offers up a studio performance of his track “I Know” in a concurrently playing video. It’s sort of a deep cut for 50jitsteppa and sort of mystifying. I’d like to imagine it’s exactly how Thompson would want it, at least until 50jitsteppa finishes, and Noah Kahan’s mug comes up on autoplay. The whole thing’s 51 words (the note), and Thompson titled it “Football Season’s Over,” and he’s right. The Nass put $19 worth of Fliff Coins on a six-leg parlay that never ended up materializing. Football season’s over. 

We think that vaping can be sexy as long as the device is small and sleek and unextravagantly flavored. We think that smut and scary movies are the twin ur-forms. We think My 600 Lb Life is zeitgeist literature, and we hate it. We think, to tell you the truth, the manifesto is a tired form and adolescent, maybe even pedestrian. Maybe, we think that Taylor Swift has mostly forfeited a moral status of personhood. Maybe the necessary intervention is a dada that rips itself free from the tongue and the cheek. Maybe it multiplies and heterogenizes and selects for sincerity. 


All my love,

Charlie Nuermberger, EIC