Tarot cards are for everyone regardless of belief system! They simply tell a story. Applying that story to life and love can lead to clarity, comfort, and entertainment.


After a three-week hiatus due to multiple battles with the Princeton Plague, Tiger Tarot is back with a three-card reading. For the first time, the cards pulled for this week’s reading are Minor Arcana cards! The Minor Arcana is similar to a normal deck of cards, with four suits and 14 cards in each suit. Whereas Major Arcana cards are made of up archetypes and signal big life changes, the Minor Arcana deals more with the everyday. Before the reading, here is a quick summary of each suit and what they usually represent.


The suit of Wands corresponds to the element fire and often carries messages regarding inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity, and ambition. These are not usually action cards, however, they generally carry positive messages and encouragements.


The suit of Cups corresponds to the element water and deals primarily with emotions and the heart. While these cards often contain messages relating to love, they often also signal a need for growth and learning.


The suit of Pentacles corresponds to the element earth and pertains more to the external world than the other suits. For this reason, it often tends to show up in readings for career, finance, and physical health. These are action cards!


The suit of Swords corresponds to the element air and is personally my favorite suit. The Swords deal with the mind, but they cut through allusions and demand logic, authority, and reason. These cards are the messengers of strength and power, as well as violence and suffering. They often carry messages that don’t want to be heard.


A Reading for Life, Love, and Calling this week:


Life: Six of Swords


This is a beautiful card, but its message is not always easy to hear. You’ve been struggling with something recently that has been dragging you down or holding you back. You may not have been feeling your best over the past week (or month, or year), but the Six of Swords carries a message that change is coming. Unfortunately, whatever it is that’s holding you back isn’t something you want to give up. Saying goodbye is hard, and you need to allow yourself to feel the loss of it and mourn appropriately while recognizing that this transition is necessary. Although you have not acted on it yet, you recognize that something needs to change, and are preparing to take the first steps. Once you take those first steps, you will be on a path that will lead you to someplace or someone full of wonder and peace. There is something glorious waiting for you on the other side. Keep moving, and try not to look back. 


The Six of Swords recommends listening to Soldier by Fleurie.


Love: Four of Cups


In a relationship: Something needs to change. Right now, you may find that you are bored in your relationship or feel that something is missing. Your emotional or sexual needs are not being met and you may find yourself wishing for something else instead of recognizing what is in front of you. Your partner may be unaware of these feelings, so communication is needed. If you don’t take the time and effort to work on your relationship, you may soon find that you don’t have one anymore. Reflect on what has changed recently that has left you wanting more, and then contemplate what changes will make you happier. Once you have identified these adjustments, start a conversation! If you feel as though something is missing, your partner probably does, as well! It may be a good time to try something new and see if that spark is still there somewhere. 

Single: Right now, you may find that your love life is not a priority for you. You may have recently left a relationship and may not be thinking about jumping into anything new. That’s okay! However, it may be beneficial to reflect on why you are uninterested in romance and sex right now. You may be focusing your attention internally and creating space for a relationship later down the road. If so, that’s great and maybe especially beneficial if you recently went through a breakup or heartbreak. On the flip side, you may be avoiding thoughts of love and relationships in an attempt to protect yourself from hurt. There is nothing wrong with this either, but the Four of Cups can often signal new opportunities, and you may miss out on something wonderful. Being vulnerable is never easy, but I encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities around you.


The Four of Cups recommends listening to Satellite Heart by Anya Marina.


Calling: Ace of Pentacles Reversed


You may find yourself struggling more than usual in school and your career right now. This could present itself through imposter syndrome or you could be facing rejections that have you questioning yourself. This can be emotionally draining, and it might be time to slow down and remind yourself what it is that you want from your life. Some potential roadblocks for you might be: having goals or expectations for yourself that are not grounded in reality, too much focus on materialism, or feeling unsure about how you want to move forward in your studies, or in your life after graduation. Now is a good time to make changes that you’ve been considering or putting off, but if you’re still nervous or unsure, seek guidance from whoever feels right. It might be a call to your mom to talk things out, or it might be a visit to the Center for Career Development. Regardless of where you find guidance, just remember that you don’t have to do this alone. 

The Ace of Pentacles Reversed recommends listening to That Funny Feeling by Bo Burnham.