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17 Apr 2005 18:06:22

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Re: Karim’s submission – Mr. Wawa


Dear Sir/Madam,


As requested by Clare of Princeton University – the following is my submission to Nassau Weekly and my legions of undying fans at Princeton U.


Well, after being bestowed with the MVC(Most-Valued-Cashier) by the Spectator, I felt compelled to return the favor by bestowing awards on my most loyal fans. After all, where would I be without them? So without further ado and without all the fanfare of large scale expensive award ceremonies that drag on for hours on end – I present the awards for 2005.


Most Diehard Male Karim Fanatic: Matthew Foulger without question, I don’t know of a man on Campus who has more love for me as a celebrity and person than him.


Most Diehard Female Karim Fanatic:This was a real toss up – but when you get down to brass tacks, the only girl on campus who’s possibly really nuts whenever I am working at Wawa is Jill.


Most Sober Male on Campus: Would have to be the guy I nicknamed Terminator. I have yet to see this man come in drunk or tipsy in the least. Thank you for making my job easier.


Most Sober Female on Campus: A real toss up as this award has to be given to two girls: Darcy and Alyssa, congratulations and thank you for making my job easier.


Most Charming Drunk: This prize goes to Allie without question, I’ve never had to call the cops on this lovely lady.


Most Out of Control Drunk: So many students have qualified for this particular prize that it would take the better half of a semester to write down all their names.


Best Campus Couple: Aaron and Monica – my University idea of Romeo and Juliet, thanks for dropping by, you two!!!!


Most Friendly Female Duo : Alexis and Natalie, without a doubt  – no two girls could be more friendly and charming each time they come in.


Longest Karim Female Fan: Yasmine – through all the years, you’ve made my work a pleasure.


Longest Karim Male Fan: Matthew Foulger, the best part of a Wawa wake up is knowing Matthew Foulger might come in for a cup!!  Of coffee or soda that is.


That’s it, the above have made it a pleasure to be MVC and the University personality. There are so many others who have made it fun and entertaining but I don’t have nearly enough room for you all. I know it’s hardly adequate but to all those I didn’t put down on this list:






Karim Groves