The dragon now is yawning

With the sun’s new dawning

And greedily is fawning

O’er the gold of fallen fighters of yore.

Meanwhile D & D dice are rolling

To represent fearsome fighting

While from a cloud with silver lining

Comes a bolt of prongêd lightning

To strike down the final guardian of the door.

So the party enters, sighting

The fearsome dragon fawning

Since it is already done with yawning

So shouts the Halfling:

“Kill it for the big score!”

But now the rest are fleeing

Including the mighty dragon, weeping

In fear, not anger seething –

A mad rush towards the cavern door.

And now all are struggling

Squeezed in the tiny opening

While the happy Halfling’s plundering

Picking up the gold scattered ‘round the floor.

But the Halfling gives a message cheering

As through a skylight he’s leaving:

“I’ll be back to give you all a greasing

In one week, not a day more!”