Might be elevation, gum-numb to the rub.
Knocked me flat
and looking up everybody wanted a favor.
Turtle got a shell. I’ve grown my skin
soft for asking. Would you keep this to yourself?
Sure. They call you Shin? Sure.
’Cause you stop a step, or you just
the thing that keeps the bruise?

I hadn’t imagined myself a coffee table
but no metaphor goes one way for sure—
lotta stupid thick books on my back and
they say “Shin, now good?” like
they’re putting down a coaster.
I guess there’s no verb to me.
I guess all fours can still be upright.

Moving taught me what folks
are willing to pay for furniture.
Taking something inside
costs a lot of money. The skinny is I got up from
the floor and got eye spots stirring my head.
That cost me a lot of money. If your kitchen table up and
walked out are you shocked or are you glad
it’s sale season at Pottery Barn? I’ll take any reason,
absurd to God, for something new.
That’s why I stood up, no doubt—for a little color.

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