30 Words:

The grasshopper sat serenely. Its multifaceted eyes, though expressionless, were wise. The wind blew gently, and did not move the furrowed dirt. In the flicker of an instant, it hopped.

29 Words:

“We are the faithful,” he said, “Faith waits for something that may never happen.”

I stand silent before the tomb. There is only the moment, and my eternal faith.

28 Words:

The woman realized that she could die any moment. So she went skydiving, and packed her parachute incorrectly. Live every day like your last; eventually you’ll be right.

27 Words:

Tinkle, tinkle, little star, the mischievous child sang. He didn’t know how far away that star was. The whiz would take sixteen million years to finish falling.

26 Words:

Outside Amy’s car, a neighborhood sped by. Each house represented someone’s existence. How strange to pass through someone’s life but never know them, she quietly thought.

25 Words:

He thinks he’s special. His teacher, some angel with a heart of gold, told him he’s important. Don’t lie to kids when they’re only six.

24 Words:

Dale hid his candy bar under the house where no one would find it, but the ants ate it. It was his Christmas present.

23 Words:

Luke had a glass eye. When he served drinks, he liked to hide it under the ice. Luke never had a steady job.

22 Words:

The Frenchman cultivated his fine flock of poodles. The wolves howled in the night, but his love for her kept him safe.

21 Words:

God slept in on Sunday, and so the preacher did too. The congregation sat in the pews for an hour anyway.

20 Words:

Mark kissed her, ran his hands through her hair, took the knife she had hidden there, and killed himself later.

19 Words:

Six blind men followed each other into a pit. The six deaf men didn’t hear their cries for help.

18 Words:

“Don’t forget Toby, don’t forget Toby,” he said in a dream. I haven’t – but who will remember me?

17 Words:

“Harold! What are you doing?”

“I’m doing the dishes, dear!”

“But Harold, we haven’t had dinner yet!”

16 Words:

When Tory’s imaginary friend ate the Lifesavers, Dad left him on the side of the road.

15 Words:

When Emily was in Ireland, she found no leprechauns. She didn’t find any rainbows, either.

14 Words:

They were having glorious sex, but then the sprinkler system unexpectedly turned itself on.

13 Words:

Rock, paper, scissors was such a pithy way to decide who would die.

12 Words:

The tailor’s arrogant clients infuriated him. Sew in anger, reap a vest.

11 Words:

And there beneath the jagged edge of the sky, I died.

10 Words:

Everyone thought it was Thursday, but it was actually Friday.

9 Words:

My feet bled, but my shoes were worn out.

8 Words:

Sitting on the toilet, it all made sense.

7 Words:

God hated His writing seminar so much.

6 Words:

“Don’t save me.”

“I won’t. Bye.”

5 Words:

She cried over spilled vodka.

4 Words:

He awoke to gunshots.

3 Words:

My eye exploded.

2 Words:

Wait – don’t

1 Word: OmyfuckinggodIforgottoIhadtowritearesearchpaperformypoliticsclassanditsduetomorrowImgonnadie

0 Words: