I stuff my brother’s old jacket under the door when the guy in apartment J starts smoking
Extension cords adorn the bedside
Sometimes I walk around the block after midnight to see the stars

In the winter the snowplow wakes me up
In the spring I hear the garbage truck
Sunlight drips through the slatted blinds

I hung a pair of paintings just slightly misaligned but that of course was intentional
A dusty AC unit lounges in the closet
I was told the fireplace is functional but I’m not allowed to use it

A ceiling vent in the bathroom hosts a family of dust bunnies
The tub fills lazily at first half-empty then half-full
This body wash swears it will relieve my stress

Most days I whack my shinbone on the coffee table
When friends come over we drink whiskey and forget the rules of chess
I dropped a pot of bolognese on the carpet but really who puts a rug beneath the stove

Under my window there’s a tulip-lined path where girls take photos every Saturday
In the square the robins share delightful tales of flight
I killed a wasp with Windex and apologized five times

The radiator screeches for no reason and the water tastes vaguely of broccoli
My perfume and emotions drape the cobwebs in the corner of the shelf
Oh studio perhaps we are the same

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