This weekend, Terrace had the honor of presenting the one and only Dj Altitude Sickness.   Besides being the new Social Chair, Dj Altitude Sickness is the wonderful and talented Raymond Weitekamp – a sight for sore eyes and a sound for sore feet – and yet obviously someone somewhere in the whole wide world of Terrace was so selfish to feel the same way, and so rang the fire alarm.  This has been the second fire alarm in the past few weeks that has interrupted killer music, a couple of weeks ago “A Place to Bury Strangers” was the third act in a night of much Terrace dancing, and someone somewhere decided to pull the fire alarm.  

Actually, what happened first was that the fire alarm went of on its own accord, and then after everyone resettled and the music restarted and then someone obviously inspired by the previous alarm, decided that it would be a bright idea to pull a fire alarm on the second floor, restarting the horrible sound and putting an immediate end to the music and to most, the night.  

This reminded me of one night in high school when I was at the usual house party when a friend yelled “COPS,” not because the cops were coming or because there was any remote chance of them coming, but because he had decided the night was over and decided to make it known.  I remember doing the high school run, swatting away branches and dodging fences to get to the safety of my car, where a group of us hide for about twenty minutes before realizing that the cops weren’t coming, and Kyle is just a dick.  The spirit of the night ended there, as in Terrace, the few loyalists dance away the noise, but the empty house and the empty dance floor proved that the damage had been done.  

DJ Altitude Sickness rocked the night on Saturday, as he always does, but because some genius decided to end his or her night by taking everyone else with them the fire alarm sang, and the kiddies ran, leaving those who know good music to dance to their hearts content on a breathable dance floor.  While this is great for dancers, it’s not ideal for artists.  While the fire alarm was first attributed to a burning bagel in the kitchen (seriously kids, this is why the toasters never work), the bouncers realized soon enough that yet again the second floor fire alarm had been intentionally pulled.  I can’t help but wonder, is there a fire alarm bandit running around Terrace, scolding all smokers for their bad habits?  Maybe an asthmatic who can’t stand the haze of many types of smoke clogging up their lungs?  Or perhaps it’s just your run-of-the-mill asshole who wants your night to end when his or her night does…I’ve got to say, this may be a good trick to get that girl or guy to stop talking and just come home with you already.  If only I could just know why my nights so often end with a middle school fire drill, then maybe I could deal with the horrible noise.  So fire alarm bandit, do share, why do you hate music and why can’t you just let me dance!