In fond memory of the Persian and Andalusian poets

Dear, you are the hottest of all living men.

Your eyes are brilliant as the puddle of oil in the parking lot,

You caper like a plastic bag tumbling amid the cars.

Your teeth are as rows of eggs in the carton,

Your eyebrows are two chili-peppers,

Like the meat section, you are lean and well-muscled,

You are sweeter than the chocolate and jam aisle.

In the morning, your voice over the telephone brought all this to mind.

Now I find myself lingering in the grocery store.

On seeing a seguaro forest outside Tucson, Arizona.

Each cactus wags his arms.

Some beckon, or octopus-like, tread.

Others semafore alarms.

They sleep afoot like horses.

Nights they stir up from their bed.

Propelled by forces

unknown they roam the hill

bow, bicker, embrace, sell, wed,

and at dawn doze, still.