I just needed to tell you.

Please remember to take care of yourself: don’t stress out too much, make sure you’re eating enough, and get lots of sleep. I’m sorry I can’t be there to remind you in person.

It’s funny that you were the one who told me to never give anyone the ability to break me.

But I do want to be there for you.

Sarah doesn’t like the crusts on her sandwiches, and Jason needs help tying his shoes before he goes to school. He still can’t really do it by himself.

It’s hard for me to forget the way that you make me feel.

Does she know?

I thought that this would happen weeks ago, months ago, years ago. I kept waiting and waiting for the time to be right, but it just never really was. I’m sorry I waited too long to tell you; it’s been keeping me up at night, and I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve just been afraid. I hope you’ll still talk to me now that you finally know…

I just hope that I’m not saying this too late.

I need to pick up my hoodie from your apartment.

I didn’t mean to lie to you! I did just ‘cause I love you so much. But you know that, right babe?

Do you remember when we first met, back sophomore year in college? You thought I was a jock, and I thought you were way too out of my league. Maybe you are, and I’ve just been lucky this whole time.

Codependency is a helluva drug, huh?

I wasn’t sure how the night would end. Then you started pounding back those pitchers of tequila sunrise, and I knew exactly how it would.

You’re not the kind of guy people usually date.

I’m not the kinda person that people usually love.

If I had it my way, you wouldn’t just be a memory of the last two nights I was there.

– and I can’t believe how much I miss you.

– Liza Milov