Dear Nass Community,

During the upheaval and unpredictability of the past two years, the Nass has been a constant for both of us. While responding to the demands of the pandemic, this publication has moved from print to online-only and back, thankfully, to print. Throughout everything, our resilient team gathered twice each week and produced thoughtful written work and beautiful art. The constant pace of weekly issues provided much-needed stability, and we found solace and inspiration in the connection and creativity of this magazine and its members.

The Nass community is not confined to its staff members and contributors. It includes every student who has ever submitted a Verbatim or, perhaps, cracked up while reading a funny quote over brunch. The Nass is open to submissions from all Princeton students—it offers a rare opportunity for students to join a common project and creative process, with no application required.

It is because of this community’s resilience and this magazine’s philosophy that we are proud to inaugurate the forty-fourth volume of the Nassau Weekly. This publication is dear to our hearts and we are honored for the chance to steward it as Editors-in-Chief.

Along with this inauguration, we are happy to announce that the Nass is in the process of becoming an independent non-profit. This process began in 2020 when we started to reimagine the Nass’s future, launched the search for our trustee board, and hosted our first annual fundraiser. We now have a board of nine trustees and intend on finalizing our independence in the coming months. We are sincerely grateful for WPRB’s continued support, in funding the Nass up to this point and connecting us to resources on our journey to financial independence. 

Looking forward, the Nass will continue to be a space where Princeton students can gather to reflect, create, critique, and share their ideas and experiences with a wide audience. We are also committed to reassessing our position on campus as a student publication, and we will strive to better represent all voices in the student body as we believe every campus publication should. We are thrilled to usher in this new era of the Nass, and we hope you will join us. 


With delight and gratitude,

Juju Lane ‘23, Editor-in-Chief

Mina Quesen ‘23, Editor-in-Chief