Feast your eyes, ears, and nerve tendrils on Volume 32, Issue 1 of the _Nassau Weekly_. The new Editorial Board is thrilled to take the reins of the paper. We hope to forge a connection with our readers not unlike that between a Na’vi warrior and her Mountain Banshee (Ikran in Na’vi), a winged predator forever tamed once the initial nerve bond has been made. We will bring you cultural criticism, news, and humor from the brightest writers on Princeton campus; we will stimulate you with thoughtful thoughts; we will even cook dinner for you every Saturday night. If you like what you read, come to our meetings at 5:30 pm on Thursdays in the Terrace Library (2nd Floor). We are actively seeking writers for our funny, laid-back, conversational staff.

This week, the theme of the issue is _Avatarotica!_ We hope you ‘Av-a-start on page 3, with Zack Newick’s obit of Salinger. We think he’s on Avatarget. Nick Cox’s thorough critique of _Avatar_ suggests a connection between the film and the band Animal Collective. Food for thought: _Avatar_ = Avey Tare? If you’re still not feeling up to Avapar once you’ve digested Cox, you may want to read Conor Gannon’s take on _Avatar_ and its science-fiction predecessors. Want some more? Check out Mara Nelson-Greenberg’s interview with Sebastian from _The Little Mermaid_. (That’s all I’ll say for now.) In case you haven’t noticed, we think _Avatar_ is great; heck, it’s even better than an Avatarkovsky. We invite you to jump on the _Avatar_ bandwagon with us—don’t be shy!—in contemplation of the twenty-first century’s greatest film featuring nerve tendrils. Just don’t tell anyone at Yale about it; before you know it they’ll release _Yale: The Avatour!_ and none of us think that’s a good or cool idea.