BLAUW! Was I the only one who was missing the King of Pink, the don of Harlem, the sole reason why I utter “no homo” after any questionable sentence, Cameron “Cam’ron” Giles? Well he’s back in action with the first single off his new album Crime Pays, Bottom of the Pussy Hole. The song dropped on September 10th, over ten months since the last time we heard from Killa Cam.

Public Enemy #1, Cam’s first mixtape and most recent recording, was released on November 7, 2007 and most talking heads in the hip hop industry thought it was the end of Cam’ron. He had just been kicked out of the DipSet, the group that he had founded with current DipSet president Ezekiel “Freaky Zeeky” Jiles (no relation), and moved to SRC records. While Cam said that he was okey-dokey after the break-up, the stinging lyrics of the Intro to Public Enemy #1 shows a different attitude towards his former Byrd Gang affiliates. In the introduction, Mr. Giles urges the current members of the dipset to put rings on their toes and bellybuttons, and “get ya eyebrows arched after that.” Cam has a knack for emasculating his adversaries while simultaneously prompting questions from the hip-hop community about his own sexual preferences. For example, when explaining the meaning of the expression “no homo” on the Angie Martinez show, he said, “Yo Jim [Jones], Imma beat my dick on you till the white stuff comes out. No homo.” But in Pussy Hole, Cam is putting all of his sexual energy into the ladies.

Much like Ghostface Killa of the Wu Tang Clan, Cam’ron is known as the heart of the DipSet by his fans, and he delivers in Pussy Hole. The intro to Pussy Hole is similar to many of his other love ballads, like On Fire Tonight and Weekend Girl. The piano twinkles under a sound clip of the now infamous Alexyss K. Tylor, host of “Vagina Power,” an Atlanta public acsss television program. Ms. Tylor sets up Cam’ron’s raison d’etre for creating this great piece of sexual-social commentary. Tylor states that when a man hits the bottom of the pussy hole, a feat only someone of John Holmes’ stature could do, a woman would lose her mind because “the penis has ejaculated all in her brain.” Cam proceed to give an “apology” to all of the women who he has made insane by his sexual prowess and LONGevity.

This song is a departure for Killa Cam– not in content, but in the style of his rhymes. Critics have railed Cam’ron for his weak flow and use of imaginary made-up lyrics, or nonsensical words. In Crown Me, for instance, Cam utters, “Man it’s nothing I eat those/Then I piss off my fowl, I lay for it/Car, crib, credit, A-1 Steak Sauce.” Lines like these have sparked numerous parodies of the MC, including viral sensation “Dipset the Movie.”

But all of the lines in Pussy Hole make sense, at least to those versed in Camronics. In the sultry, slow, even-toned raps his fans have come to love, Cam tells the story of his escapades with a fine young piece and how he changed her life by hitting the bottom of her punani. His voice rides cleanly over the lyrics he spits, even when they somehow don’t actually rhyme.

One of the better lines in the song is, “And you gotta love it/when she came over she touched it/ Pussy Hole? Hit the bottom of it.” OK, it’s not quite on the level of Big L (greatest rapper dead or alive from none other than Cam’s hometown, Harlem, USA) but those great one-liners are what makes a Cam song a Cam song.

Overall, Bottom of the Pussy Hole is a strong comeback from Cam, but there is just one burning question that I have left:

Yo Killa, what exactly is the bottom of the pussy hole?