Today we dissect Hope.

Grasp firmly your scalpels

and press with caution against its onionskin surface.

Let not your stainless blades slip

and pierce its hollow fluid interior.

That comes after the first step.

As always we act with circumspection and respect for life.

Inject the gaseous compound;

you should have composed it long hence.

Remember its contents

and under no circumstances inhale.

Inject and allow for diffusion.


When ready make a Y-shaped cut from top to bottom.

Fold apart the flaps.

Remove the heart. It should be completely red.

Dip in the ink beaker on your tables, taking care to submerge completely.

Ignite your burners and allow for the flame to

patriotically seep from red to blue to white.

Place the organ upon the flame and


When the bell is rung break the flame.

Remove the dried heart, wrap completely in gauze, and collocate

on this Sèvres platter (hand-dated in sepia to 1766).

Discard everything; you will find

black bags waiting in 17 locations in this room.

We will then form three files with six persons in each

to present this platter and these prepared hearts.

Keep your eyes closed, your feet pointed outward, your arms against your ribs, and your knees locked.

Exhale only. No speaking. No thinking. Simply follow.

Let us begin.