Toby Refler and his now-girlfriend Hannah Reeves hooked up November 12, 2011 on the Cloister Dance Floor. Skrillex presided over the double-tongue ceremony. Both Toby and Hannah were plastered.

Toby is the son of Kent and Melody Refler of Potomac, Maryland.

Hannah is the daughter of Kyle and Jane Reeves of Norfolk, Virginia, who couldn’t be more proud.

The new couple got to second base before returning to Mathey College, where they continue to reside and hook up.


We joyously invite you to listen as hook up loudly in the room next to you. The hookup will begin at 10pm, right when you begin to get to your work. Because our room will not be accepting guests, we will be as aurally informative as possible, narrating the acts, with commentary, as they are performed.


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan James of Chicago, Illinois announce the hooking up of their daughter, Abigail Patricia James, with Christopher Michael Walsh of Eugene, Oregon; with Kuan Peng of Tuskegee, Alabama; with Pablo Juarez of Madrid, Spain; and with Christopher Pemberton of Edison, New Jersey.

The eskimo-brothers-to-be are, respectively, class of 2013 and 2012 at Princeton University, and their major plans range from Chemical Engineering to Electrical Engineering.

The trollop-to-be is class of 2015 at Princeton University and is a prospective Classics Major.

The hookups will take place within a single hour on December 9, 2011 in the basement of Charter Club at 79 Prospect Avenue in the presence of peers and loved ones. Beast will be served at the reception.