star_luvr : spicy fries at terrace fourth course are so obviously made by students they are so overspiced

star_luvr : when i cook i put a shit ton of spices on it to test the limits of my palate

star_luvr : a display of a youthful belief in vigor that more is always better


star_luvr : i love foods u assemble urself like the plastic wrapped compartmentalized tray of apples honey and granola

star_luvr : the company knows u are going to grab an apple slice plunge it in the honey and grind it against the granola but for each eater-assembler it is a creative experience for which u have complete autonomy unlike the other prefabricated processed snacks u eat

star_luvr : ” journey of discovery ” lol

star_luvr : an m&m is complete and the proportions of its ingredients are unalterable


star_luvr : there might be poop in my large intestine like who knows

star_luvr : urs too





star_luvr : ברוך

star_luvr : i like that Hebrew has a single word for the unwieldy English phrase ” blessed be ”


star_luvr : i prayed at the western wall with a kind of deliberate spontaneity

star_luvr : ” i will now think seriously about god ” my mind allowed to wander but encouraged to dwell

star_luvr : i complimented Him on his excellent book and requested advice for an aspiring writer

star_luvr : i told Him its one of my favorites


star_luvr : i used to dream that my brother would become a magic card artist lol

star_luvr : it was not a secret but i never told anybody





star_luvr : ill go

star_luvr : ” u my homie , dog ”

star_luvr : and then u go

star_luvr : ” u my dog , homie ”


star_luvr : do u agree that asymmetrical friendships are underrepresented within the western canon of childrens books and family sitcoms

star_luvr : perhaps kimmy gibbler lol

star_luvr : but friendship asymmetry is as old as friendship itself i presume perhaps even older

star_luvr : is that wack


star_luvr : wack folks can be in love

star_luvr : is that wack