Dear All,

Sometimes we make mistakes. Most of the time they are small– like forgetting to wipe before we get in the shower or eating too much at dinner. Sometimes, however, these mistakes are rather large. Like having sex with an ex-significant other when extremely drunk or putting out our cigarettes in someone’s eye. The Nassau Weekly and its staff, like everyone else, is not immune– though sometimes we like to think we are. Last week, for example, we had a few spelling errors in the “PrinceWatch” article. Needless to say, this sort of issue is one of those “rather large” mistakes that a newspaper can make– and for this, we apologize. Editorial oversight was lax and we’re not about to blame it on lower-downs or the drugs or the orgy from the night before. We, the Editors-in-Chief, take full responsibility. You, fair reader, may not have noticed these misspellings, but that doesn’t take away from the bone-deep sense of shame that we continue to feel. Thus, out of a sense of penitence, we’ve instituted a “Corrections” section that will run starting with this issue. If you, dear audience, come across any sort of error, syntactical, grammatical, factual– anything, let us know. We like to know when we’ve screwed up– regardless of the context. We can be reached at And rest assured that we’ll definitely read your missive and give it the attention it deserves.


The Eds.