Hi, this is Danny Aiello, I was the guy talking to your sister this afternoon around 4:30, the Elvis? Listen, I just wanted to ask you if you could tell her to give me a call because well, as you know, I just met her today and I thought we had this really incredible chemistry. Just kind of strange, you know, I got waitlisted for the audition and was waiting outside and she was waitlisted and I believe in fate, you know? I have this kind of mystical understanding and I’m a big fate guy and so I thought that you know it was all happening for a reason. She just seemed so incredible. What’s that?


Oh, see she was with a sister but you must be her other sister. Yeah no she mentioned that she had two sisters and I thought that she was giving me the number of the sister who was there next to her. Oh man this is awkward, right? Thanks for making me feel-

Haha yeah thanks for making me feel like a creep, haha, you know what I mean?

Right so you. Yes Angela, that was her name. At the audition we sang Amazing Grace together and it was incredible, a real kind of mystical or magical thing and after she gave me a hug and-

Yeah at the ‘America’s Got Talent’ auditions, exactly. What’s that? No, I was rejected. Yeah Angela was rejected too, I couldn’t believe it, I mean she has such an incredible talent, she’s got the voice, she’s got the body, the face, the moves, she has everything. I just couldn’t believe it. So listen I’m not a very forward guy, I respect boundaries, trust me, I’m no creep, but I was wondering, you know, I went to go shake her hand after we sang Amazing Grace and she gave me a hug.

Now listen, I never asked you this but she told me that she has a kid and I was just wondering if she was seeing anyone or married or what. Well I have no problem…

I mean I have two kids, so.


I’m an Elvis impersonator. I just signed a record deal and I’m headlining in Atlantic City in June so, you know, I’m no creep. Exactly. I’ve been doing Elvis since I was ten so I’ve been at it about 30 years now. I’ve headlined at-


Oh I just thought she had it all, you know? I was so shocked she didn’t make the cut, I mean I was surprised I didn’t make the cut but I was shocked that she didn’t. She was so incredible and we just really, I mean it’s hard to describe it, I just really thought we had something going. It was strange. Not strange bad.

Listen, neither of us had our cards or anything and she just gave me your number so could you—listen, when you see her can you ask her to go to GalacticElvis.com? Its got my picture and everything. Now, I’ve lost about 30 pounds since that photo was taken, that photo was taken about three months ago. Yeah I’ve gone organic, totally, nothing but organic and I’ve just shed the pounds. Oh it works! Haha, believe me I’ve slimmed down pretty dramatically in just three months.

I mean I’ve been married but I’m divorced, but the marriage lasted 10 years, so I know how it goes, you understand? Haha, exactly.


Oh, no of course I don’t mind. I have a daughter who will be 16 this month and a son who is 9 years old so, haha, no no I don’t mind at all. But listen, let me ask you a question, could you tell me whether she is seeing someone or has a husband, I don’t want to be too forward.

I respect boundaries.

Me? I do Roy Orbison, you know Roy Orbison? I’ve headlined as Orbison, been doing Elvis for 30 years, I have degrees in alternative medicine and yoga and a doctorate in metaphysics so, haha, I have diverse interests. Yeah I find the time.

So, um, what does she do?

Yep. Like a youth correction type facility?

Yeah, of course, listen my daughter has been in and out of programs the past three years. I had her in a private school but the past three years its been back and forth between these programs for disciplinary training. I mean I’ve been out in the Arizona desert with her doing a firewalk. I’ve walked across 10,000 degree coals for 50 feet. Seriously. I mean the positive thing I’ve learned is that every negative thought affects your physical being. If you think about pain you will feel pain whether or not you’re walking across coals. You know how you hunch your shoulders up when you’re feeling anxiety?

Yeah, I’m a very psychological person.

Oh, you wouldn’t believe.

Haha, you wouldn’t believe.

Well listen so could you tell her? It’s GalacticElvis.com and I just thought we had this karmic thing going. I mean I believe in karma and-

Yeah. Well listen it was real nice talking to you I hope I haven’t talked your ear off.

Oh well, hey, I’ve enjoyed talking to you, too. You take care.

Alright. You take care.


Bye now.