Will be on a weekday. You do not need

To know why. Some precautions: if it is raining,

Do not bother with an umbrella or galoshes

And do not cross the street unless you absolutely must.

Do not wear red. Do not shave. Walk briskly

Towards the nearest theatre and take refuge

Beneath the concession stand. From the time

Of your reading this until said disaster, keep

A flashlight on your bedside table. Sunglasses, too.

Prepare for all eventualities. This is to say

That you will only survive by providence.

This is to say that there will be no winners.

All you need to know for now is to sleep

With one eye open and both fists closed.

It will not be pleasant. If you are lucky,

Which is unlikely, you will be napping

When it happens and it will all be over

And you will not need to struggle in vain.

This is to say that the Good Lord does not

Pick favorites. He does not know your name.