Dear Asia,

I want to tell you that you are magical. You are special. You are neat.

You are needed.

You smell.

You are complex.

I love you.


When God whispered 7 billion secrets into Earth’s ears,

each one tickled her in a different spot.

Each secret is one of God’s dreams,

that came true in the form of me and you.


I love when the stars descend each night and run through cities,

Into your temples, your buildings, even the cars

Night skies are replaced with a highline,

That’s why city skies don’t have stars.

I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you

but there’s two sides to every truth.

Do you love me too?


If hands were your chinky eyes, I am groped by your smize.


I try to escape between your first and double take like I’m dodging raindrops.

But another always hits where ever one missed.

I need an umbrella.


Men wear skirts and they eat with their hands; why am I the strange one?

When our eyes lock, yours waddle in their sockets like pinballs at the flipper before

falling into the drain.


I wish my smile was the key to your gaze

I wish that its curve matched your lock

But instead I watch you, watch me, watching you, watching me.

You started this game Asia, I did not.


But when I look past all the unfavorable.

I can see the beauty in you that you search for in me.

Asia, you are enough.


The air between my steps bounces me to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

And into your noodle shops and past your Buddhas.


When I travel, I am mobile on my own two feet.

My passport helps me file the pictures I take with my eyes.

And I am the Santa for God’s gift to the world

Which is simply me.

I am black, and so easy to love.


Nothing controls me, ‘cept me.


I am free.


But maybe the price of freedom is my own skin becoming the least comfortable place,

So now I have no where to go.


And now I am sorry for being here,

I just wanted to leave the hood

To see Asia outside of my reflection

But I’ll do her a favor and stay there for good.


Because the only difference between my hood and you

Is a Trip Advisor review

From a European in elephant pants.

Who will tell you that the culture shock is you.


This is an acknowledgement of difficulty

Not a request for sympathy.

I’m not angry nor apologetic

Just tired.


Please let’s close our eyes together.