AAS 315 / CHV 424 / MUS 343
“We are not the same I am a Martian”: Afro-futurism since 1950 from Sun Ra to Young Money

AAS 444 / EAS 360
Cross-Cultural Dialogues: Rush Hour through Rush Hour 3

AMS 340
The Fast Food Bowel Movement

ARC 203 / MOD 203
Architecture of the Self: Organizing Your Facebook Profile

AST 105
What’s the Biggest Thing There Is?

ATL 496
Princeton Atelier: The Art of Accidents: Pooping Onstage

CHM 356

CHM 468
Fluid Dynamics: When Saliva Meets Semen

CHV 512
Being Nice

CLA 103
Rome (the Show)

COM 312
Is the Rectum a Grave?: Maybe

COM 374 / EAS 374 / MUS 374
Masterworks for the Zen Flute: Music for Shakuhachi

CWR 107
Introductory Fiction with Jonathan Safran Foer (via Skype)

DAN 103
The Body: A User’s Guide

EAS 311 / SAS 311 / NES 311
Topics in Intersectionality: Locating Bhutan

ECO 112
Smart Investments: Buying a Wife

ECO 312
Applications of Game Theory: Cee-Lo

ECO 511
How to Avoid Fraud

ECO 512
How to Commit Fraud

ECS 210
Masterworks of European Skinema

EEB 103
What’s the Cutest Thing There Is?

EEB 203 / MOL 203 / WOM 203
Changes with Judy Blume: Pubic Hair, Periods and Becoming a Woman

ENG 211
Princeton University Reads: Literate

ENG 234
Is This Book Good, or Is It Just Me?

ENG 380 / MUS 355
Finding Shakespeare and 2Pac

FRS 103
Bickering with Class

FRS 201
Interruptions: the Year Off from the Wanderjahr to Michael Jordan

FRE 216
La Ploo Voo Voo: Faking it Until You Make it

GER 504
Hitler: We Finally Go There

ISC 555 / ENG 101
Reading Paperbacks

ITA 233
Purges and Urges: the Gastroenterology of the Slow Food Movement

JRN 419
Blogging Happens! An Internship

JRN 471
The Importance of Being Earnest: Writing for the Prince

LIN 103
The Mouth: A User’s Guide

LIN 246
From ‘From’ To ‘To’: Towards On Buffalo Buffalo

LIN 403
Translating Mistranslations

MAT 223

MAT 306
Advanced Linear Algebras and Algepanties

MED 103
So, Werewolves

MOD 351
Boobies and Peens on Chatroulette

MUS 213
The Music of Seduction: From Barry White to R Kelly

MUS 308
Music at New Heights: Sczwitzen Tzravorstein and the Rise of Elevator Music

MUS 421
Big Pimpin’ on Strawberry Fields with Brown Eyed Girls: The Art of the Mash-up

PER 340
How Can We Kill Them?

PHI 300
Nietzsche: The Sensual Side

PHI 420 / AAS 420 / CHV 420
“Real Recognize Real”: Project Pat’s Ontological Epistemics of the Urban

REL 271
Which Religion is Best?

REL 282 / REM 213
Losing Your Religion

REL 318 / ECO 318
Prophets for Profit

RUS 320
How Did We Kill Them?

SOC 220
The Sociology of Frist

SOC 301 / PSY 488
Seeing Faces: Why All People of the Same Race Look Alike

SOC 304

SOC 388
The Situation: Status Erosion on the Jersey Shore and the Cultural Appeal of the Guido

SPA 316
Dame Castigo: Reggaeton from Daddy Yankee to Don Omar

VIS 233
Tongue on Clay: Handless Ceramics

VIS 361
Building Babies

VIS 445
Secrets of the Flesh: Oil Paintings on Your Scrotum

WOM 103 / ORF 103
Women: A User’s Guide