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I see that you don’t like the Empire 8500-Gallon 5-Occupant model? Your wife is eying it with that look of wearied disgust that you know so well and asking if you would have bought a more expensive one for Miranda, or whatever her name was? No problem! Let our most experienced sales expert, Bernardino, show you the Taj Mahal Indian Pleasure 10000-gallon 7-Occupant with Adjustable Jets and two Ozonators. We’re now offering it to eligible customers for $200 less than the sticker price recommended by the manufacturer!

Ah, I see your wife isn’t a big fan of the Taj Mahal Indian Pleasure either. That’s not a problem whatsoever. There’s no pleasing them, eh, buddy? You can’t live with ‘em, eh? Ha. We like to joke around here at Bailey’s. Let’s just have Bernardino here show you the Pleasure Mirage model. The Pleasure Mirage comes with the option to upgrade to iPool for a fully integrated technologic-hydraulic experience.

Would you be interested in learning about our QualTronic © Ionized Chlorination System?

With over 27 years of experience as America’s favorite premier swimming pool supplier, we have to ask that you immediately stop your wife from hitting you on the back of the neck with her purse, screaming that you and the salesman are chauvinist toads. We try to maintain a pleasant, pressure-free atmosphere for all of our customers.

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