Last night I ingested my mother’s gold in hopes it would bring value to every worthless part of my body


I brought her bangles to my teeth and

bit them so hard I drew blood

holding them under my tongue

until my mouth began to burn and

glowing embers blazed within me

until finally


I swallowed


Last night I brought her necklaces to my lips and engulfed them whole

Felt eons of suffering slink down my throat

Gagged every second but persisted because

I was craving to be reborn



I could not handle it anymore

Dropping to the floor

animalistic in nature I voraciously chewed through every last piece of her gold


I devoured the precious pieces she had tried to hide from me

the ones she thought she had concealed beneath motherly privacy


Slowly but surely

gold began to course through my veins

and I wondered with my head delirious in pain

if when I wept my tears would bear the color of her invaluable chains


So I turned to my mother’s mirror and stuck out my tongue

witnessed my tastebuds shimmer with flecks of aurum

shoved my hands through the glass

shards breaking off from the impact as

cuts filled my fingers and tears filled my eyes

then cried even more tears

those of joy when I realized


My tears of gleaming glitter had painted the dark hardwood floor into a starry sky


Last night I ingested my mother’s gold


This morning


my skin is the sun

my eyes drip honey

my touch is alive


This morning I am revitalized