I saw you in the dining hall today

My heart jumped, but I made sure not to stare.

Your eyes were downcast toward your Special K,

Obscured by locks of shower-dampened hair.


But if you did return my curious gaze

You’d see me as just one more random frosh.

Because the last time we parted ways

Was in the upstairs lobby of McCosh.


Our two paths crossed on Prospect Avenue

It was, to all observers, plain to see

That I should hasten to McCosh with you,

So you could sleep in the infirmary.


How tragic that the Fates would have us meet

At such an inconvenient time and place:

Because you got so hammered on the street,

This morning, you don’t recognize my face.


Cruel Aphrodite! Fickle Cupid’s shaft!

I’ve fallen for you, but you can’t recall.

My heart throbs like the Chance and Future track,

That was bumping in the pregame down the hall.


And now I see you, three tables away.

I’m working hard to remain nonchalant.

From whence, this heaviness? I cannot say…

Perhaps this giant omelet I don’t want.


So I’ve decided that we shouldn’t meet

And that this foolish love be unrequited.

Like Tiger Inn and Quad, across the street,

We’ll stand alone, eternally divided.


So leave me now! You’ve got to get to class,

And Frick is like a million miles away.

My heart is Ivy, you hold the only pass,

But go! Perhaps we’ll meet again someday.


And if you call, your word is my command

Remember this, next time you’re getting sloshed:

That I’ll always be here to take your hand

With love, the guy who walked you to McCosh.