After The Favorite of the Emir

Orangutan honey tickling the pink of her tongue.
Hands outstretched in a lotus, something feels
Hollow. Goldfish swim in childlike circles,
Bulging eyes of oceanic marble. Hypnotic
In the crayon-colored blue of her womb, a
Pale body bubbles and floats.

An orchid, an iris, staining white doric.
Subtle and serpentine, vines gliding and
Coiling around ivory necks. Chest cloaked
In ruby, skin stained with salt, inside, a
Rotting plum pit splits in two.

Kaleidoscopic blindness painted like
Shadow, lapis on delicate lids.
Crescents and trapezoids for faces,
Dancing figures with splintered feet.
Waltzing, waiting, contorting lips
Twist and wail and weep over the
Hollowness soiling each breath,
Mourning the memory of a golden fig
Sprouting, enclosed in her haloed dome.