These two unimaginative packers decided to get to know a little more about our far more interesting Princeton peers. Our question: what’s the weirdest thing you brought with you to college?

Here are some responses from the nation’s best and brightest:

  • A stuffed blue-footed booby
  • A 200-milliwatt laser pointer that can light a match
  • A bow and arrow
  • My personality
  • A bobblehead of the long-dead former director of my Jewish summer camp
  • Some dirt from home
  • A rock from my driveway
  • A copy of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence
  • A copy of the Daily Princetonian
  • A succulent named Fernando
  • 5 boxes of Indian snacks, now all empty
  • 8 jars of Costco-sized peanut butter
  • 48 cans of La Croix
  • A 64-pack of Yoo-hoo
  • 20 mini bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 3 flasks that say “Let’s get star spangled hammered”
  • 3 containers of thinking putty
  • Boxes of seaweed
  • A hydroponic tank (to grow kale)
  • A London tube map
  • London tube map boxers
  • A plastic severed arm
  • A giraffe onesie
  • A hippie costume, wig included
  • My chef suits
  • An Uglydoll named Rufus
  • A tiny desk vacuum for eraser dust
  • A Bootjack (for removing boots)
  • Glow-in-the-dark condoms
  • Grapefruit-flavored capsule cigarettes that are banned in the States
  • A single Lego block.
Illustration by Nora Wildberg
Illustration by Nora Wildberg
Illustration by Nora Wildberg